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  • Workplace Essential Skills

    Are you ready for a good job? Workplace Essential Skills covers the skills you'll need to find a job and strategies that will help you get ahead.

  • TV411

    TV411 covers practical reading, writing, and math skills in lessons on parenting, money matters, and health.

  • Lifelines

    Real learners deal with real-life issues in these compelling videos that help learners enhance problem solving skills, language development, basic math, and parenting skills. In each Lifelines video from Intelecom, a real person tells his or her story in a way learners can identify with, learn from, and discuss with others.

  • Madison Heights

    These videos raise issues common to at-risk families, prompting important discussions facing families.

  • Crossroads Café

    Series is designed to teach English as a second language in the classroom or at a distance.

  • On Common Ground

    This 15-part series, designed for use in English as a Second Language classrooms, offers a basic course in American government and civics and the rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen.

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